Anonymous said: Hi I find it curious you didnt like Pinkie Pies rap. you, who obseselly loves the 90 and i guess 80 too. the first time i saw it i tought, man this will put Richard Kuta in euphoria and bliss, it was even shoot like it was with a 90 camera video. In my case I loved it because it was a nice 90 homage, remembered me of the Prince of Belair, not bashing you just my opinion I was curious if your negative reaction since you love the 90

The concept was there, but the execution wasn’t.  The sound quality was an incoherent mess to where you could barely understand her.  I get they were aiming for the vintage distorted VHS tape effect, but even my warped tapes with the horrible tracking lines from 20 years ago are still audiable.   

Anonymous said: After seeing that Perci character in Sonic Booms concept art and that many fans are considering her this ages Sally, wouldnt it be hillarious and cool if she was voiced by the same actress who voiced Sally in Satam?, sorry dont remember her name well.

Kath Soucie actually.  That would be interesting for sure cause if her character reflects the personality of Sally, then it would be a nice parallel between Boom and SatAM.    

Anonymous said: Whats your favorite Donkey Kong game?

Donkey Kong Country 2

Anonymous said: Hey man. Just wanna thank you for recommending Avalanches. What a trip.

No prob, there’s rumors of a new album but thats been speculated for the last decade.  However, one of the mixers released a solo album in 2008 called Disastro under the name Sonny J.  Its definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said: would you rather be an animator or a graphic designer?

I answered a similar question, but at this state of affairs, graphic designer.  Its less stressful and I have fun doing it. 

Anonymous said: The weezer guy here again. I have another challenge. Name one song that you enjoy from these albums. Green, Maladroit, Make Believe, Red, Raditude, and Hurley. You cant list demos, b-sides, or unreleased material.

Green - Smile

Maladroit - Burndt Jamb

Make Believe - Haunt You Everyday

Red - The Angel and the One

*bonus non-Rivers song.  Automatic sung by Pat Wilson

Raditude - Run Over by a Truck

Hurley - Brave New World

Anonymous said: BronyCon is this weekend. U excite?


Anonymous said: How do you keep up with all these concerts in your area?

From this phenomenon that started nearly a decade ago called social media.  To a lesser extent, RSS feeds and mailing lists. 

Anonymous said: Whats something private you can admit? I know, I know. Tough question considering your lifestyle.

The Mario64 credits music makes me tear up.