Anonymous said: Is it true that you're deathly allergic to cats?

Deathly is such a strong word there.  I’d say mildly excruciating.  I develop watery eyes, an itchy throat, and a body covered in hives.  This only happens in extreme cases when there’s several cats around me or if there’s high accumulation of pet dander.  But recently, if I come into contact with a cat, the worst symptom I show, is just watery eyes.  Its a bitch to deal with, but its better than hives =P  And no, just cause I’m allergic doesn’t mean I hate them.  On the opposite side, zero reaction from dogs.

Anonymous said: You've been releasing a lot of artwork recently. Do you have more time to dedicate it to now or something?

Nope, I just learned how to manage my schedule better while multitasking.  Summer is mostly a lull period at my job anyway.  Once we head into Fall, then the drought will resume unfortunately.  Who knows, I try to do get something out during the busy seasons. 

Anonymous said: Two questions. Are you going to the Folsom Street Fair? If so will you be participating in the diaper derby?

A universal yes.

Anonymous said: I noticed a recent trend where indie bands are releasing cassettes tapes. Vinyl is understandable cause its practically an authentic pressing of the recordings. The best you'll ever get next to a CD or digital FLAC files. But who the fuck still owns cassette players let alone would want one? Their quality is horrible and after so many playthrus it can warp the sound that changes the tempo. Sorry for the dragged out rant but what are your thoughts?

LOL no debate here.  Cassettes were shit and always will be shit.  I still remember how frustrating it was to fix the reels if they somehow got stuck in the player heads.  You’d have to use a pencil and tediously roll the tape back in, which poses risks in damaging it.  Fuck those things.  Its the worst idea since Reel-to-Reels tried to make a resurgance.          

After a 15 year hiatus, Matt Sharp’s band manages to destroy all his former band’s albums from the past decade.  I guess he was the true mastermind behind Weezer.



Anonymous said: Are you watching the 12 day simpsons marathon?

Shut up brain or I’ll stab you with a q-tip!